Howard Shin Park Place Auto Salon - Vehicle Appearance Technician/Detailer

Howard has been a professional detailer for over 4 years and takes immense pride in his finished product.

Fast Facts About Howard Shin

- Has worked at Park Place LTD since:
Howard joined the Park Place family in 2017.

- Is known For:
Being THAT kind of car guy!

- What makes Park Place LTD Unique?:
The unique and rare cars we see daily, it never gets old, and the 'family' environment.

- Origins:
Howard was born in South Korea.

- Current Daily Driver:
Toyota Supra Turbo MkIII.

- Dream Garage:
BMW M5 (F10), BMW M5 (E39), Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser.

- Favorite Drives:
Hwy. 2 from Goldbar to Leavenworth, WA.

- Interests:
Cars. Detailing. Long walks on the beach.